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Flappy Bird

So your here to read about and play some flappy bird? well read on and enjoy! without a doubt this game is a huge sensation played by millions of people all over the world from all walks of life on many different devices. The question most people have asked with regards to flappy bird was simply what made this game so addictive? was it the cute bird? the Mario style pipes or was it the fact it was so difficult to play. One thing we do know is that this crazy little bird has caused varied emotions such as anger, happiness & joy as well as insanity as players try furiously to finish the level.

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Flappy Bird

Flappy bird is very addictive

If you haven’t tried this game yet then don’t delay give it a try today its lots of fun millions of addicts cant be wrong. There are also many cloned version of the game recently it was reported that over half the new games on IOS were clones of flappy bird we don’t know any other simple game that has caused such a stir this game originated from Vietnam by a games creator called Dong Nguyen who founded game company Gears Studio. I remember when i first installed the app on my iPhone after hearing about it and i saw the green pipes appear it felt very nostalgic like I was playing a certain old Nintendo game which I wont mention ;) Now that Flappy Bird has been removed from the app store there are rumors that the creator did take it down due to the game looking like an old Nintendo classic but alas we will never know unless the creator decides to post more information on why he removed it from the app store with

Flappy Bird

he doesn’t seem like a many of many words going by his twitter account. But he is a man of good game creation and we do wonder what he will create next to give millions of people joy and a good game experience.

Flappy Bird Online enjoy playing this game

For me personally I would like to see a more intriguing game as much as we all love Flappy Bird I did like this release but it was super repetitive I think if he made a game with more personality and intrigue then I would be more of a long term player of flappy bird don’t get me wrong I love playing it and obviously so do millions of others but I don’t know how people can play hour after hour especially if there not that good at the game there has been story’s of people playing the game for a whole day and not getting past the third level its quite simply ridiculous why would you punish yourself like that! so in a nutshell with

flappy Bird is here

it was created in a few days by a Vietnamese games developer went viral everyone played it who had access to it everyone loved it he then took it off the app-store and Google play for unknown reasons but the game flappy bird online is still available to play on-line on various websites all over the internet have fun and don’t overdo it guys.